Farberware Classic Stainless Steel Covered Stockpot - 16 Qt

Farberware Stainless Steel Stock Pot Every kitchen needs a stock pot. Families who eat most of their meals at home use a stock pot just about as often as any pot in the kitchen. Of course the stock pot needs a cover. The 16 quart Stock Pot by Farberware comes with a tight fitted cover. The stock pot is made from 18/10 stainless-steel and has a mirror finish. The tight fitting lid keeps moisture in and flavors from escaping. The botton of the Faberware stock pot has an extra-thick aluminum core insuring even heat is transferred from the stove burner to the pot, and ultimately to the food inside. For ease and safety of moving the stock pot from place to place, it has handles made of heavy stainless-steel that are even safe in the oven. To facilitate pouring from the stock pot, it has a rolled rim. And, it is easy to clean and it is dishwasher safe. This Farberware 16-quart stock pot comes in handy in many ways. Of course, to cook up a batch of soup, or spaghetti sauce, homemade stew, chili, and just about anything else that the family uses in large quantities. The list is almost endless. Actually anything you use in large quantities, will cook well in this stock pot.Whatever is left over after that first meal can be bagged and frozen for the next time.

Porcelain Cookware

Paula Deen PorcelainCookware Set is a bargain for the kitchen.  Most of us know who Paula Deen is because we have seen her on her TV Cooking Show.  What some of us may not know that she has loaned her name to certain cookware items.  One of them is Paula Deen 12512 15-Piece PorcelainCookware Set, it comes in more than one color.  Also, it is reasonably priced.  It would make a great gift to the cook.  Or perhaps you just received a wedding invitation from your favorite niece, and you know you need a gift and it must be special.  You will find this cookware to be that wonderful gift.  And it will last for years.

You will find the Paula Deen PorcelainCookware can be used on the glass top, gas or electric stoves.  But you might not want to put it in the dishwasher  This Porcelain Cookware package does not include a lid for the skillet, but one can be purchased separately.

With the set coming in several colors, it is possible to match your kitchen decor nicely with the perfect color cookware.  You will also find the porcelain cookware easy to clean.  The PorcelainCookware set is of heavy gauge construction. The exterior of this cookware is long lasting and stain resistant; the interior is DuPont teflon for easy cleanup.

The PorcelainCookware package consists of three saucepans with lids, a 1 qt a 2 qt, a 6 qt stockpot with lid, 2.75 qt. Saute with lid, two skillets, an 8″ and a 10, even includes a 5 Piece Measuring Spoon Set. Skillets do not have lids, but they can be purchased separately.

The handles and knobs on the PorcelainCookware are cool to the touch; the lids are made of glass which makes it easy to see what’s going on inside. Also, these lids also lock in the food flavor inside.

When shipping and handling costs are added to an invoice, the whole package is a bit above my budget at that time.  So, for ease of computing the shipping cost the shipping weight is 18lbs.


Tuscan Style Decorating

The Tuscany style decorating gives the home a warm and inviting feeling.  It is airy and filled with light.  Comfortable, if you will.  Whether you are inspired to remodel your entire home or only a room, you have found the place to gather the information you need. Converting a room to Tuscan style decorating isn’t as difficult as we may imagine.  Patrice Walker’s Tuscan Home Decorating Guide will guide you from the start of the project, the gathering of materials, all the way until the project is finished and you are ready to celebrate with your friends. This Guide contains many techniques, tips, and suggestions that will spur you on your way. It will walk you through transforming your project into a beautiful Tuscan Retreat you have dreamed about. It is true that ideas for Tuscan style decorating are not so easy to find, and it makes this Guide all the more valuable. Finding quality materials at a reasonable price is a must. This Guide will provide oodles of ideas and it is available as a downloadable ebook.  We know that many homeowners would love to bring a bit of Tuscany into their home.  To do so, they need an easy to follow Guide that will tell them where to look for materials, perhaps furniture, or even lighting. The Tuscan Style Decorating Guide is filled with decorating ideas for creating a fresh Tuscany feel to any room, or the entire home, even a Tuscan Home Theatre.  It is a must have item for your Tuscany project. As important as it is to change out items of furniture or other decorative items to enhance the Tuscany style, color choices are important, too.  It is very important to make good color choices, so that your finished project is all you hoped it would be. You will find help to make color choices in this Tuscan style decorating Guide. The author even shares her sources for various materials with her readers, even where to find the accessories, wall decor, and authentic Tuscan products.

Declutter with this book by Stephanie Roberts.

Click here to declutter your life!

Declutter Your Life!

If you need help to take control of the clutter at your house, there is a book on the market to help you.  If you live amid piles of clutter and have no idea of how to DECLUTTER, this article is meant for you. Let me tell you some of the information you will find in this book, Clutter Cleaning from the Inside Out: How to Reclaim Your Home and Your Life in 6 Easy Steps.  This and other Feng-Shui books, was written by Stephanie Roberts.  This author confesses that she needed to declutter her living space.  I know I do, and possibly you do too.

Why do we allow clutter in our homes?  I’m a “paper addict.”  I hold onto everything that is paper.  I have several little catalogs sitting around, papers from my grandson’s trip to Sunday School last week.  Whatever comes in a cardboard box is a bonus for me: I get the product that arrived, and I keep that box.  After Christmas it takes me weeks to put all the wrappings and boxes out for the trash man.  Can you identify with me?

Ms. Roberts has studied Feng-Shui a very long time.  These studies made her aware of the need to declutter her living space.  Living clutter-free is fundamental to good feng shui yet her studies did not teach her how to get rid of the clutter, nor why we accumulate clutter in the first place.

This book we are talking about includes text, activities, even recommends journaling about those rough spots we come upon as we dig in and root out the paper products. We have the opportunity to develop a personal vision of how we want to live – free of clutter.  It will become a source of inspiration, a guide to finally lay claim to our homes and those flat surfaces that were once piled high with the printed matter.  As a bonus, we become a master over the clutter, instead of the other way, uncover a deeper sense of who we are.

Ms. Roberts book, Clutter Cleaning from the Inside Out: How to Reclaim Your Home and Your Life in 6 Easy Steps, walks us through the steps we must take to rid our homes of mounds of paper We also might learn how our personal history drives our cluttering habits.  These exercises will build some decision making muscles that will help us to “keep or toss” quickly

Solid Surface Countertops

The Dream Kitchen Layout project can be as complex or as simple as you want it to be.  Materials to choose from when replacing your counter include cement, granite, and ceramic along with others forms of solid surface countertops.  Replacing or updating the countertops really is an easy way to quickly spruce up the look of your kitchen.

In today’s homes, the kitchen is the gathering place for close friends and relatives, so updating it is on your mind, and you’ve decided the time is now. Just replacing worn countertops will make an amazing difference in the look of your kitchen.

solid surface countertops

Whether you are just upgrading, or remodeling your kitchen, the counter top you choose will make a difference. A variety of materials available for solid surface countertops are found in almost any hardware store and in all price ranges. Just what goes into the decision to purchase any particular material? One thing to consider is the how is it maintained, does it require some special cleaner or is the everyday brand in the cabinet okay? Another consideration that comes to play is how long you think it should last, the durability. And don’t overlook the maintenance your chosen counter top needs, to keep it looking good? The counter top materials come in as many colors and materials as you can imagine.

DIY Solid Surface Countertops

If you are a do-it-yourself person, you might be surprised as how easily you can remodel the kitchen. The do-it-yourself person can bring the Dream Kitchen Layout from the dream to the reality.  You may be surprised to find there are so many materials from which to choose your counter tops. Just adding the backsplash up to the bottom of the cabinets above will add a smart look as well as protect the sheetrock behind it.

If you have just a wee bit of artsy skill, you can make the kitchen look like one out of the magazines. You will be able to mix and match the materials and patterns. Each counter top material comes with its own beauty and detractor traits as well. For instance some material stains can be sanded out, and others – ceramic tile requires re-grouting from time to time.

Upgrading or remodeling your kitchen and realizing your Dream Kitchen Layouts might be easier than you think. The stores where you purchase the material can offer advice on just about any problem you think will surface. There are professionals on staff who guide you every step of the way.

Installing laminate flooring is cost effective

installing laminate flooringWhen thinking about installing laminate flooring for your dream kitchen layout, remodeled, updated, or new dream, choices are almost without limit.  The floor does for the kitchen what shoes do for the outfit: It adds style and beauty. Let’s look at laminate flooring.  Laminate flooring is a manufactured flooring that looks like hardwood, natural stone or tile, but does not cost as much.  It’s my favorite, because it is easy to keep.

Scratches and dings don’t show so fast. And is a great choice for that family who has allergies, because it does not retain dirt or allergens.  And,  laminate floors are pet friendly. Installing laminate flooring is relatively easy, even the do-it-yourself handyman can do it.  To my surprise, it requires no glue or staples.  It snaps together easily, is tongue-and-groove. Laminate flooring is made by a variety of manufactures, Armstrong, Mannington. Mohawk, and many others. Remember to ask for help or advise from the store where you make the purchase.  That’s where you will find the best answers to your questions.

Pros and Cons of Installing Laminate Flooring

Every kind of flooring has pros and cons, and price makes no difference.  Let’s look at a few to see if it really meets your needs or wants.  It might be a good idea to make a list of pros and cons that are non-negotiable in your dream kitchen layout.  Knowing what you value most will be beneficial when selecting flooring material.

Advantages of Installing Laminate Flooring:

1) Laminate flooring looks like all species of wood, and even stone or tile.

2) It costs less – in material and in installation.

3) Is durable and not so easily scratched (I have laminated floors and they are 20 years old, still looking good).

4) It is easy for the inexperienced craftsman to install, because it snaps together so easily.

Disadvantages of Installing Laminate Flooring:

1) Footsteps on the laminate floors might sound hollow.

2) Cannot be refinished like hardwood can.

3) Laminate floors cost less therefore the value is less.

4) Laminate floors will not last as long as a natural stone or hardware floors but they are less expensive and look good. When shopping for the floor for your dream kitchen, shop armed with the stuff you listed as non-negotiable.  Know what your budget is for the floors.  Shop and compare types, grades, and prices.

Hardwood Flooring-Dream Kitchen Layouts

Hardwood flooring-dream kitchen layouts is a good choice and now it’s now time to purchase the flooring materials for your dream kitchen layout  And you are considering hardwood flooring.  You know the budget and the things that are a “must” and other things that cannot be tolerated.  You are ready to shop for that final batch of building materials. The cost of hardware flooring will be one of the largest outlay of cash you have had to date.  No doubt about it, hardwood flooring is expensive, but it will add value to your home. Before you actually place your money on the table for the hardwood flooring, you must be armed with some thoughts about what you expect the floors to look like, some ideas about what you want in terms of resale value of the home, and understand that most likely you will need to hire a flooring installation contractor.  Collect enough information, and even pictures, to solidify your thoughts to the point you actually know what you are looking for.  When we are pretty certain about what we want, less likely are we to be diverted from our goal.

The Beauty of Hardwood Flooring

1) Hardwood flooring is made of several kinds of wood, for instance, home grown hardwood trees such as red oak, white oak. hickory, maple and others.

2)You can choose light, medium, or dark stained floors.

3)The finished floor may be glossy or antique looking.

4)The wood may be with knots, or none.  They may be narrow or wide, or even mixed.

Pros of Hardwood Flooring

1) Hardwood floors are the most sought after floors because they add value to the home, are long lasting, and can be refinished, usually.

2) The many choices of wood to use in your floor allows you to find the right design to suit your taste.

Cons of Hardwood Flooring

1) Weather changes affect the hardwood floors,

2) Installed with nails or staples. Hardwood floors are beautiful and long lasting.  But they are not real easy to keep. Wood for the hardwood floors is plentiful and there are many places to buy it, making the purchase price more affordable.

Ceramic Tile Flooring-Dream Kitchen Layouts

CeramicTileFlooring can be found in almost any color and any pattern. In fact, ceramic tile flooring is available in so many sizes, colors, and shapes, you might be better served to go to a supplier and talk with the professional to get an opinion about the particulars of CeramicTileFlooring.  To tell the truth, I am amazed at the varieties one has to choose from. It is also available in hand painted squares that brings a bit of Mexico into your kitchen. It is called Hand Painted Mexican Talavera Ceramic Tile. The ceramicflooringtiles are made from clay that is fired to a temperature that causes chemical changes to make the tile permanently hard. Next, the tile is glazed and decorated by hand, and fired once again to give it the finished look we see at the building materials store, or in someone else’s kitchen.   The handcrafted Mexican ceramictilefloowing tiles have a red body bisque, and within individual tiles, the colors vary. There are variations in square-ness, flat-ness, thick-ness and even size, giving the tiles a unique-ness of its own. These tiles are made to an industry standard, but they may vary in size and color from lot to lot.  Therefore, If you have chosen ceramic tiles for your floor, it is a good idea to buy just a few more than you expect to use. There is no guarantee that lots of tiles purchased at different times will match. The ceramictileflooring can add beauty to the rest of the kitchen. While the tile floor is beautiful, there are many designs and colors to select from, they are perfect for the kitchen backsplash. If you happen to have a fireplace in the kitchen, or a nearby room, the ceramictileflooring tiles make a beautiful fireplace that ties back to the kitchen. As lot of our together time is spent in the kitchen, so it’s important that the kitchen, as a whole, is warm and inviting. The dream kitchen layout has been carefully laid out, each element of the remodel has been carefully thought out. From the lighting to the floor has been accomplished to your taste. The floor is left to bring together the lighting, cabinets, and counter tops. Nothing makes us feel at home so much as old floors, floors that have out lived the scuff marks from little feet. The Mexican Talavera Tile could be exactly what you are looking for because it is unique. It is handmade, and its rustic and warm quality could give the perfect compliment that ties your remodeling project together.


KitchenAid Range

Kitchen Aid appliances, large and small, have been around a very long time.  They have proved to be top of the line in quality.  KitchenAid is a brand name that can be found in countless homes.  KitchenAid range users become loyal customers and are known to replace one KitchenAid appliance with another KitchenAid. Let’s discuss the KitchenAid range, particularly Model # KDRS505XSS.  This free standing range is made of stainless steel,  is 30″high, and sports dual fuel, sealed burners, and double ovens.  The range top uses gas, while the ovens use electricity. The double ovens can be used at the same time, cooking on different temperatures with no problem at all.  These double ovens may also be used as a convection oven and conventional oven at the same time.  Ovens on this model are self-cleaning. The cook top portion of the range has five sealed burners, one of which is oval shaped and heats the cast-iron griddle/grate function.  The burner that heats the griddle/grate is oval shaped which heats the griddle/grate evenly.  

The Versatile KitchenAid Range

Versatility of the KitchenAid Range Model #KDRS505XSS ovens are nearly endless.  The racks in the ovens are roll-out and are designed to hold large pans and heavy cookware.  The versatility of the range increases its popularity with those who use it. The KitchenAid KDRS505XSS oven turns out beautiful dishes every time with a little help from the quick selection of cook settings, including broil, bread-proof, bake and several convection settings. This self-cleaning, dual-fuel, double-oven KitchenAid range model KDRS505XSS, is proving to be an enormously versatile and valuable find, especially for smaller kitchens like the galley kitchen.. The easy to set KitchenAid’s EasyConvert Time and Temperature Conversion System is especially versatile for convection cooking, without being an expert. Because of the five burners and the center oval shaped burner, and even when using odd-shaped pots and griddles or especially slow cooking kitchen ware, you will get the most even heat coverage with this oven. The easy usability and versatility of the KitchenAid KDRS505XSS oven range increases this products popularity and makes it the one to trust.

Kraftmaid Cabinets

As we would expect, Kraftmaid has a cabinet to fit every need in the home.  For instance, if what you have in mind is just giving the kitchen a fresh look, perhaps new cabinet doors would do the trick.  In the Kraftmaid line, you will find any number of doors that can be used to replace the existing doors and have a fresh look in the kitchen in no time at all.

If you are giving your kitchen more of a makeover than just changing out the cabinet doors, Kraftmaid can help you.  Kraftmaid has a complete line of cabinets, those that are underneath the counter space, and those that hang on the wall.

The materials from which Kraftmaid cabinets are made are almost endless.  For instance there are maple, cherry, oak, birch, hickory and other woods.   Some of these woods have the quartersawn or other patterns that are appealing to the eye.   Wikipedia says the  word “Quartersawn” refers to a manufacturing process that reveals the growth rings of the tree.  Those woods that offer rustic pattern will include knots, worm holes, or other irregularities that make each wood distinctive and beautiful.

Of course, each of the woods has its own characteristics and are chosen based on the customer’s needs.

Each home’s cabinets are selected and built according to the desires and instructions of the of the family.  Once the cabinets are on the wall, it’s time to paint or stain.  Cabinets made from beautiful wood are often times with wood stain and/or coats of varnish that will enhance the beauty of the wood.

When the stain or paint dries, it’s time to stock the shelves with whatever you have in mind.

Thomasville Kitchen Cabinets

Thomasville Kitchen CabinetsSo you’ve decided to remodel your kitchen area, but you need help getting started, wondering what the first step should be. No doubt you have some ideas floating around and once they are corralled and put in a logical sequence, you will be better able to start the... Read More »